Edge for Me - Scottish Maledom Hypnosis

By BlueScotsEyes


Edge for Me - Scottish Maledom Hypnosis Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hello, and welcome back to Blue Sky Sides neurotic hypnosis. Now this trans is going to be about edging. And as usual, I want you to get in a comfortable position, play with yourself, and Just let yourself zone out to my Scottish voice. Deeply. Deeply.

Good girl. That's right. Good girl. Drop for me Deeper and deeper now as well as relaxation, as Well, it's feeling like you're sinking deeper and deeper as well as feeling like your muscles and joints So releasing all of their tension, you can actually feel your body filling up with pleasure, with Vibrations with waves of sensation all over your body may be coming from one place in particular or maybe coming from everywhere at once because your home body can go deeper and deeper, and your whole body can feel so much pleasure. Drop for me.

Drap. Drap. Drap. And you feel that wonderful sensation of letting go of your thoughts, of letting go of your Anxieties of letting go even of your sense of self and feeling it drip, drip, Oh, I it's so erotic To give that up to me so dirty and depraved to let that go and Let it just …