Hypnosis Induction Implanting triggers

By AforAudio


Hypnosis Induction Implanting triggers Erotic Hypnosis Script

Hello. You're listening to this because you want me to hypnotize you, and implant triggers into your mind to give me the ability to control you. Safety is important, so this will only work with my voice. If anyone else tries to use these triggers, will simply fail. With that being said, these triggers will persist after this session ends.

I'll implant them by taking you into a state of deep relaxation, where I'll talk you through how to give me control of your body. When your body is totally under my control, I'll begin to talk to your subconscious mind, giving it suggestions and laying the groundwork for it to be much quicker and easier for you to fall under next time. I'll place triggers in your mind that will produce a physical response within you when I and only I use them. Depending on your personality, you may try to resist this, or you might latch on immediately to the mere thought of being more submissive. Everyone is different and that's okay, But this will work much better if we work constructively.

Okay? Good. Now, I'm going to start to put you under. Before I do, you're going to give …